Just by opening your smartphone, you can listen to your favorite music wherever you would like.

But listening in one specific place may change your whole experience. It can’t be just anywhere.

For example, when you discover a local folk song that has been passed down over time in the area it came from or when you happen across a song about the area itself. These songs become your trip’s personal theme songs and every time you hear that song, you relive the feelings of that trip again.

This original sound meditation, “Tsubaki” can only be heard here at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The song was composed using sounds from the hotel grounds such as a flowing river and the chirping of birds.

The composer of this piece is Yosi Horikawa, a sound creator known for the unique musical compositions he creates using the sounds he finds in everyday life around him. Both his 2012 EP “Wandering” and his 2013 Album Vapor have been nominated for “Best Album of the Year” on various charts.

While listening to this sound meditation, give in to the sounds of the wind, the flowing river, the embrace of sunlight filtering through trees. Above all else, we hope that this song will become your personal theme song for this trip.

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