Architects from abroad look at the building in jealousy. Even in these back streets you can come across famous buildings, which speaks the dynamism of Tokyo. It is almost impossible to believe that there is simply an ordinary building next to this creation. In European cities such as England and Italy, in order to have a uniform city landscape it is commonplace for tough building restrictions to exist. The unique pineapple like structure is called the, “Hell combination”. Surprisingly this is not simply for decoration, instead the wood cross structure is actually part of the structural integrity of the building itself. If you enter the building you will understand what we are talking about. The store always lets you check out the building so feel free to take a stroll inside.

Many architects from around the world are also surprised by the craftsmanship of Japanese carpenters. The intricate wood work of the floors, walls and ceiling. Wherever you look it is hard to find a single nail as the wood fits and locks together perfectly.

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