Ikkū Shrine lies at the corner of what was once the most popular shopping district in Chiburijima. In general, Ikkū refers to the most esteemed shrine in an area, and subsequently, this shrine is the most prestigious in Chiburijima. The locals affectionately refer to it as “Ikkū-san.”

The official name, however, is Amasashihiko-no-Mikoto Shrine. According to legend, the god Amasashihiko-no-Mikoto descended upon Kanjima Island around the 7th century. Then, the god proceeded to cross to the opposite shore—toward the cape of Chiburijima—until eventually reaching this very spot. Though uncertain, this legend perhaps details the founding of Chiburijima and the story of those who led the reclamation efforts on the island.

So, what kind of god was Amasashihiko-no-Mikoto? One theory is that this is just another name for Ōkuninushi-no-Mikoto, the god enshrined in Izumo Taisha, and that they are, in fact, one in the same. Upon hearing this, some may start to find architectural similarities between this shrine and Izumo Taisha. But, yet again, this is all speculation without proof.

Along with the rest of the information to follow, in the end, this guide provides but one theory meant to color your imagination.

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