You can see Sainenji Temple just beyond the sign here. It’s known as a training hall for the Fuji-kō religion, but it actually has a very long history.

It was built during the Nara Period in 719. The image of the coming of Buddha to Mt. Fuji, attended by two Bodhisattvas, is enshrined here. It’s possible that this temple served as the starting point for the construction of not only Kamiyoshida, but also the town of Old Yoshida.

Take a look at the background map again. There are some temples neatly lined up on the east side. That’s because when the town of Old Yoshida moved to Kamiyoshida, they decided to put all of the temples together. With its moats, its rivers, and its cluster of temples, Kamiyoshida was created according to a very thorough plan.

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