Destination: Shuri Castle Park

The bell in front of you is as real as it gets. Still, if you want to get a taste of the Ryukyu Kingdom of old, we encourage you to visit the Shuri Castle Park. Though it’s currently being restored after a fire in October 2019, we recommend paying a visit.

The Ryukyu Kingdom’s prosperous development through trade is reflected in Shuri Castle’s many additions. Its opulence served to preserve the castle’s character as the royal palace, as well as symbolize Ryukyu’s status as a “bridge to many nations.” Most bells tend to be placed in temples and shrines, but this one is believed to have been enshrined in the main temple of Shuri Castle, which was the administrative heart of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Because there are no apparent traces of frequent use, it must have only been sounded during times of great significance to the king of Ryukyu.

Don’t miss your chance to gaze at the vast blue ocean from the Shuri Castle grounds, and when you do, take a moment to imagine the past glories of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

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