Destination: Ōgimi Village Bashofu Hall

In Yaeyama and Miyako, the linen used in their weaving processes is made using a crop called “choma” or “karamushi,” which is also commonly used on the mainland. Okinawa has a special linen that they make using this plant which is most commonly found on the islands of Amami. That linen is called Bashofu. There is also a Textile Workers Association in the Kijoka area of Ogimi Village in Northern Okinawa. The Bashofu linens are made using a very intricate process. If you are lucky you may be able to see how the linens are made.

By the way, similar kinds of Textile Workers Associations are still in operation throughout Okinawa, even on more isolated and remote islands. You can participate in a weaving workshop on the island of Kumejima which is known for its pongee linens. We also recommend checking out the Hana-ori textiles of Yomitan Village located just 1 hour from Naha.

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