“By her harbors Ise lives, so they live by Ise,
As Nagoya in Owari lives by her castle.”

This is a famous phrase from the folk song “Ise Ondo.” It means that Nagoya in the Owari of old flourished thanks to its castle. Built by Ieyasu Tokugawa starting in 1615, Nagoya Castle is indeed a jewel of prosperity.

For many generations, this decorated castle served as the seat for the feudal lords of Owari, and it was there they ruled over the province. The art of tea ceremony which the samurai loved spread to the merchant class inside the castle’s town, and to this day, there are many Chanoyu aficionados in the city. What was the Chanoyu experience like in Nagoya Castle? Let’s solve this riddle as we tour Hommaru Palace, Ninomaru Garden and Ofukemaru.

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