We spoke with Mr. Shunki Koizumi, curator at the Masakichi Hirano Art Foundation, about the vast appeal of “Events in Akita,” which is on display at the Akita Museum of Art. Please listen as you contemplate the mural itself at the Museum.

“Events in Akita”
Tsuguharu Foujita (1937) 365x2050cm

Showing festivals as well as scenes of everyday life in Akita, this mural begins from your right with the Sanno Festival at Hie-Hachiman Shrine, then shows the Bonden at Taihei-Zanmiyoshi Shrine, the summertime Kanto Festival, and the Koro-Gibashi Bridge, beyond which various scenes of everyday life are displayed. Foujita crafted this mural after meeting Akita magnate Masakichi Hirano, and centered its theme around telling a “Complete Story of Akita.”

(Masakichi Hirano Art Foundation, a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)

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