This room, the “smallest” in this hotel, is one part art museum and one part lab where you can study your feelings. Creator group Konel designed it to be a profound world within a tiny micro-world.

The two-round switches on the wall act as your guide into the micro-world. Turn on the switches, lay on the bed, and gaze up at the ceiling, which has been made to resemble a laboratory, complete with a picture, a monitor, and a special microscope.

By pressing the switches, the microscope will move towards the picture, and the monitor will show a magnified image of the mosaic pattern laid over the picture itself. This mosaic is composed of various materials that were melted, cut, and mounted to make the visual you see.

In the background of the mosaic, a young woman is depicted facing away from you. The woman is beautiful and mysterious, invoking many different feelings for the viewer. It’s like getting a glimpse into a micro world that you would normally never get to see. We hope as you come to terms with the feelings that well up inside of you, you will start to appreciate this microscopic world.

Now, let’s take a seat at the desk. There, too, you will find a microscope, along with several glass slides. Why not examine each slide and try to uncover what materials were used to create it? You’ll probably recognize some objects from your own life.

After interacting with this micro-world, how have your thoughts and emotions changed? After staying in this room, you might find that you have developed a sixth sense for the things you couldn’t normally see before.

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