Upon opening the doors to this room, you will find yourself in a midnight city made entirely based on the whims of the artist. The many alleys and spaces within this city were created with no particular intention or aim. You may even spot a city dweller sleeping or sitting in the corners and crevices.

Architect and artist, Kanto Iwamura, has always thought that the corners and alleyways of big cities can become places for people--their nests. Based on what he observed on the streets of Tokyo and London, he recreated those nests in this room.

Around the loft bed, street lights flicker, and overhead, a metal pipe extends across the ceiling, as if part of a construction site. If you sneak into the crawlspace under the bed, you can find your own secret base. Laying down on the cold concrete floor will feel as if you are sleeping on the streets yourself.

Keep the lights on, or turn them off. Place the pillows where you like. Just as you would make your own nest out of a city park, you can make this dimly lit city your own, too.

Once a bird has used a nest, it never uses it again. Let a large city, too, be a place where you can experience the thrill of transience. Tonight, make a nest in the crannies, the nooks, and enjoy experimenting with where you will sleep and how you will use this space.

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