You are a traveler, now standing upon a frozen, arctic land, entirely encased in ice. Nearby is an igloo, a simple residence constructed of blocks of snow. Tonight, you will be staying in this igloo. In this space, you will immerse yourself in a trip of your imagination. Forget about the fact that you are in Tokyo for a while, and distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Actually, the artist behind this room, Yuji Kamiyama, has never actually set forth in any northern land. The world of this room is not a world based on any reality; this is a representation of an icy world that exists only within the artist’s imagination.

The resin floors look like an ice-covered ground, and when you enter this igloo built out of translucent pipes, you’ll feel as if you have suddenly become isolated in a different land. The white and translucent landscape invites you to explore a world of ice.

Kamiyama, who has an interest in how light appears in everyday life, paid particular attention to the lighting in this room. By mixing soft lighting with a sharp brightness, he has managed to express a world of ice. Once you enter this room, you might even begin to feel the coldness on your skin or find comfort in being surrounded by snow.

On this journey, the most important thing is your imagination. Tonight, we’d like you to open up your imagination and surrender to this world. May you find beauty and serenity in the solitude of the cold and snowy tundra.

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