The beautiful pink carpet that covers the floor from wall to wall here turns this room into a space of softness, gentleness, and prettiness. It invites you to embark on a certain journey.

The artist who composed this story, Colliu, created this room based on the motels she stayed at during a trip across Europe. With wooden framing that has gradually gained rich hues over time, velvet curtains of beautiful shades, and soft pink walls and carpets, this room blends the artist’s sensibilities with the aesthetic of a European Hotel.

Colliu’s works continually express her own worldview without limiting herself to one method of expression, though she often uses the human eye as a motif. The art above the bed looks like a scene taken from this very room. The furniture and decorations in this room are all original creations of the artist, which are also works of art for us to enjoy.

If you walk with your bare feet on the shaggy carpet, you’ll be invited to a world of cherry blossom pink. In this gentle, comfortable space, what kind of story will you imagine? Feel free to relax in luxury on the bed, like the figure depicted in the carpet design.

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