This room transports us from Nihonbashi and off into space to a world that sparkles all around you, where sushi and space have blended together.
A world where sushi robots and sushi warriors have unfolded for us: SUSHI WARS. And we’re off!

When you first open the doors, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the bright, vermillion, Japanese-style entranceway. Pass through this entryway, which is like the small, crawl-through opening of a tea room.

Beyond that is the glimmering landscape of outer space that feels like a dance hall. The walls are covered with an iridescent film, and a disco ball hangs from the ceiling. The remote lying on the middle of the bed offers another form of amusement in this room, allowing you to change the lighting to whatever you like.

The three paintings above the bed are Sushi Mandalas. The artist, Mako Principal, observed that Nihonbashi was the economic center of the Edo period and that it became a neighborhood of extravagance as a result. Just like the popular art style of the time, Ukiyo-e, was done in threes, so, too, was the Sushi Mandala done in three parts, and put together as one.

This artwork is filled with the author’s desire to build from Japan to the rest of the world, and all the way out into space. Mako Principal is also a part of the musical artist idol unit “Namakopuri.” We hope you enjoy her unique Mako Puri World.

Dogenzaka restaurant and live music bar Shibuya Oiran helped with the direction and supervision of this room. They are also responsible for producing their first-floor bar. In order to fully appreciate their worldview, we highly encourage you to visit Shibuya Oiran as well.

The world of SUSHI WARS is full of fun, childlike innocence. The originality of the artist may awaken the sensibilities that sleep inside of you.

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