You have arrived at Newtopia_Tokyo, a paradise in a corner of the universe. This world, which combines many different cultures and histories is the ultimate, compact V.I.P room.

This room is full of colorful, original tiles that were created using a mold of a freehand illustration made by the artist Nigamushi Tsuyoshi. The other unique decorations, like the graphics and the various shaped and colored tiles, also draw the eye. Many illustrations by Nigamushi, like the one by the entrance, are scattered around the room. Can you find them all?

The stained glass art above the bed, which reads “NEWtopia”, was actually made by a hair salon owner that Nigamushi happened to meet. Each unique piece in the room has been chosen to represent the artist’s sense of perfect balance between austerity and extravagance, and succinctly represents the world of Newtopia.

Further into the room, a small, confined space, meant for whatever purpose you desire, awaits. On the wall there hangs a golden face and mirror. This living space is emboldened by the artist’s original touches and furnished with items that were found while traveling the world. This lavish, golden space will draw you away from reality, little by little.

Once you’ve explored the room, you can use the four controllers on the wall to adjust the lighting. Lights that drift around the bed, lights that flicker underneath...with every change in the light, you will be drawn even further into Newtopia.

This is Newtopia_Tokyo, a paradise in a corner of the universe. Here, you will embark on a novel adventure filled with mysteries.

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