Within this room stands a huge towering pillar. This undecorated, man-made pillar seems to endlessly change appearance as the natural light changes; it never reflects the same colors or shadows. It’s as if the pillar and the light are weaving together like an art installation. The best way to appreciate it is to lie on the bed and observe.

This room is a work of art that represents the way the artist, geometric painter Haruna Kawai, views the world. The room is not only fascinating but is also a place where you can observe the changes in light and shadow that occur as time passes.

At the far end of the room is a square painting that was designed to express the artist’s thought processes. The textured walls, painted with the artist’s forearms, and the unevenness of the room really stand out against the play of light and shadows. As you continue to look around the room, focus in on those small details and try to imagine what the artist wanted to express.

Once night falls, you can experiment with the electric lights. The pillar will take on a completely different, bewitching appearance. Between the movement of sunlight during the day and the electric lights at night, the pillar is ever-changing.

In this room, where a huge pillar tower unnaturally, lies a simple yet deep, casual yet dramatic reality.

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