This room serves as both a relaxing room where you can rest after a long journey or a busy day of sightseeing and as a museum displaying a beautiful, minimalist sculpture.

Architect Daisuke Motogi created this room to be an extraordinary experience, a museum within a hotel room. It is, in essence, a white cube exhibition room that has been reconstructed as an abstract art piece.

Look closely at the works of art on the walls. These objects are all pieces of furniture that also function as the surface and legs of a table, as mirrors, as pillows, and even as a toilet. Each one is deconstructed and put on display. Remove the table legs from the wall and put it together with its top. It’s a little heavy, so please be careful when taking it down.

Black decorative pillows are located above the head of the bed. After you pull them down from the wall, use them to build whatever comes to mind. Of course, you are also welcome to use them as body pillows while lounging on the bed, appreciating the art in the room.

This is the ultimate minimalist world, which also enhances the functionality of the room itself. The artist has used his experience as an architect to understand the quality of objects and how they may be used to draw out the essence of the room.

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