A motel with a beautiful view of the sunset, Showa-era furniture, a bathroom, a club, an art museum...This room of many walls comes from the imagined world of the artist BIEN. Some of the walls, which have been put together like a collage, have doors and windows. The furnishings, reminiscent of an old motel, have a mysterious, vintage feel that unites the whole room.

In the early days of the project, during the process of dividing a large space into smaller rooms, BIEN became focused on the idea of walls, and he realized that “Rooms are like a kind of fiction, created by their walls.” By looking at walls from different places, you can merge fiction and reality. But the trails of an insect-eating a winding path along these walls, revealing the veneer underneath, exposes this space as a fantasy. What do these trails look like to you?

Open the blinds above the bed. Behind them lies bare concrete. This is another way that the artist is making sure we know that we have crossed into the world of fiction, reinforcing the artist’s idea that “Rooms are like a kind of fiction, created by their walls.”

You could just as easily create another wall atop the bare concrete building, constructing another fantasy world atop the one the artist has created. A unique experience awaits you in this room, where you find yourself on the set of a stage play, moving between fiction and reality.

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