When you take your first step into this room, you find yourself in a world from another dimension, separate from time and space on earth. This room, designed by the artist YOSHIROTTEN, is meant to be a place where you can experience ultimate relaxation, a meditation room where you can reset your mind, amplify your imagination, and take a journey to the very depths of your spirit. At the same time, it’s also a spaceship headed for another dimension.

Near the entrance is a lounge decorated with mirrors, with a round table and a curved wall for you to lean against. The graphic art in the room depicts the spiritual world.

This space is meant to help you wind down when getting ready for bed. Tap the crystal in the center of the table with the tuning fork and listen carefully to the sound it makes as you take a moment for self-reflection. Let your eyes drift towards the collection of artworks by the entrance, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the room. If you are staying with someone, this might also be the perfect opportunity for an honest discussion.

Once you’re ready to sleep, head down the hallway to the bed area, where the floor is made entirely of cushions. To make the best of this space, use the special controller next to the bed to change the lighting and music to match your preference. By mixing the three primary colors, you should be able to find the combination that is most relaxing for you.

The pleasant ambient music and lights will help guide you to calmness, a total release in mind and body. Allow your whole body to be immersed in the lights and sounds as you drift off.

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