We see several thrift stores between Bier Loven and Namiki Avenue. One of the stores, “Calme,” is owned by a former employee of Shappo, which we introduced at the beginning of this guide.

A new generation inherits the culture of this town. While we walk and ponder how the town has changed, we see a single, large tree located in a traffic circle. Namiki Avenue is a long street that stretches to the south from where the tree is. It became famous as the center of fashion in Hiroshima, where western brands opened their boutiques one after another.

“If you just go to a street over, you’ll be able to afford your own store” is what they say. Many of the stores were born out of the counterculture movement prevalent back in the day. The town changes with the passing of time and young people will always continue to look for new fields to explore. The youngsters who grow up in Urabukuro might become the trendsetters of a new Hiroshima culture.

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