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Why a God of Unity? A Tale of Water and Destiny

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Why a God of Unity? A Tale of Water and Destiny

Praying wholeheartedly to these beings called Gods ; no matter where in the world you are, the beauty of this act is universal.

Hundreds of Muslims moving their praying bodies in unison to the words of the Quran in the mosques of Istanbul. Christians on the verge of tears, gazing at the candles of a church in Jerusalem. And here in Japan, the side profile of people’s heads bowed in prayer, eyes closed, their hands together over their hearts.

Those in prayer are in a vulnerable state; if you were to touch them, they would break into pieces. The body is strong, but delicate in the fleeting moment of prayer.

In recent years, this shrine has become famous for housing a god of unity. Now and then you can see young woman praying for a “good partner” to show up.

When you hear the word unity, you may also think of love. However,, this word can also mean to connect two people, regardless of gender, whether it be two friends, a boss and his employee, or even parent and child. So people wouldn’t just t pray for a relationship, but also to find a job or have children for example.

By the way, why do you think Kifune Shrine houses a god of unity? Surprisingly, it has to do with water that we drink every day. What’s the mysterious connection between unity and water? Let’s find out.

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