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Nakijin-jo Site The Lost History of the Defeated

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Nakijin-jo Site The Lost History of the Defeated

In the Sengoku Period before the birth of the Ryukyu Kingdom, this island was divided into the three warring countries of Hokuzan, Chuzan, and Nanzan. Let’s express the history of Nakijin Castle in three lines:

Built in the 13th Century, the castle flourished as the base for Hokuzan.
After Hokuzan’s defeat to Chuzan in the 15th Century, the castle fell under Chuzan rule.
In the 17th Century, after Chuzan’s defeat by the Satsuma Clan, the castle was left abandoned.

Just looking at this, one could perhaps say that all that’s left of Nakijin Castle is a “history of defeat”. However, this is not because it was weak. Hokuzan’s Unten Port rivaled the Naha Port, and they had enough influence to bring the Amami Islands under its control. Moreover, Nakijin Castle was impregnable—so solid that it was impossible to capture by a frontal attack.

Fate, however, is tricky. Hokuzan lost in a decisive battle; and Chuzan, the victors, defeated Nanzan as well, uniting the main island. This would bring rise to the Ryukyu Kingdom. Yet, even after this, the Ryukyu Kingdom would send members of the royal court to watch over the castle. This castle remained an important base dividing north and south. Even the Satsuma Clan, who would try to control the Ryukyu Kingdom, knew this well. Thus, it invaded Nakijin Castle in the north before taking down the Shuri Castle in the south.

As we guide you, we’d like to focus on the stories from these times. But before that, there are some people willing to introduce Nakijin Castle to us. Stationed 365 days a year are two tour guides who are available to guide you for free, even on a solo trip (if they aren’t guiding anyone else). Even if you do get these guides to help, you could use ON THE TRIP. Feel free to ask at the information desk to learn more!

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