What is that? The 25 Mysteries of Okinawa!

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What is that? The 25 Mysteries of Okinawa!

There are plenty of mysterious encounters when walking around Okinawa—plenty of moments that make you wonder, "What is that?"

For example, what is the "Yui" of the Yui Rail?
What are "shisā" or "ishiganto"?
What about those mysterious rooftop tanks? Okinawan tempura?

It’s more interesting to talk about these places as we get to them, so we will be introducing these mysterious puzzles throughout our walk.

And as we continue our walk eventually they will all together and seem even more mysterious.

At the end of our trip, it will be your turn to show someone as well.

Without further ado, let's go!

Speaking of which...how do you say that in Okinawan?

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