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New Naha・The Miracle Mile

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New Naha・The Miracle Mile

Over 90% of Naha was destroyed during the war.
We touched on this at the end of the “Chronicles of Ancient Naha”, and this guide will act as a continuation of that story. Just how did Naha re-build following the war? Let’s journey back in time as we walk the streets of the town.

But before we begin our journey, here is a short summary of what is to come.

The Kyunaha, or Ancient Naha area, was the center of Naha before the war when Okinawa came under western occupation. Former residents of this area were prohibited from returning. Amongst these former residents, 103 pottery craftsmen were allowed to live in the neighboring area of Tsuboya. There, they started to recreate precious tableware that had been lost during the war.

As a result, a night market formed in Tsuboya’s neighboring “Kainan” district. In order to regulate this night market, the local administration established a public market. At the time, people were not only starved for food, but also for entertainment. Suddenly, in what was once a wasteland, rose the highly successful Kokusai Gekijō or International Theatre, as well as movie theatres and department stores. This would go on to become the beginnings of Kokusai-Dōri Street.

Within a few years, in such a short period of time...
So why then, did the first step towards this recovery take place in Tsuboya? Let’s ponder over this as we begin our journey.

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