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The Boundaries of Kumagusu’s World

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The Boundaries of Kumagusu’s World

Botany, Folkloristics, Astronomy, slime mold, and even esoteric Buddhism: the topics Minakata Kumagusu studied are almost limitless. You might even say he had an encyclopedia of knowledge in his head, but many think his expertise may have extended far beyond that. His pursuit of knowledge almost bordered on insanity. His thinking was full of chaos, and there was no limit to his curiosity.

The boundaries between humans and nature. The lines between plants and animals, between men and women. As if he wanted to shed light on the secrets of the world, Kumagusu directed his bright gaze toward the boundaries all around us.

Even to this day, we still don’t have a full view of his world, but in this guide we will introduce you to his line of study.

※This guide was based on an interview with the director of the Minakata Kumagusu Museum. The Japanese guide is read by Mr. Taniwaki himself but the English versions and Chinese versions are not being read by him. However, since we want the listeners to feel like Taniwaki was right there beside you talking to you, we have left the narrator as Mr. Taniwaki.

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