Class A Snow Country Gourmet

A flavor to be remembered forever.

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A flavor to be remembered forever.

──Emerging from the long tunnel, you find yourself in Yuki Guni, or Snow Country.

The reason this story continues to be told is because it is a journey that everyone experiences; that is how drastic the change is as you emerge into this land. “Yuki Guni” is the largest Snow Country in Japan, and maybe even the world.

While this area is referred to as a “silver” world, once you live here it is a different story entirely. Since long ago, the risks associated with living in Snow Country were immense. Under heavy snowfall, whole roads would be blocked, houses would be buried, and those caught in a snowstorm would be left helpless.

But if we take a look back through Japanese history, some of the earliest pottery was found right here in the Snow Country, illustrating just how far back the history here goes.

There is one mystery that exists in this land that persists.
“Just why is it that people continue to live in such a snow-ridden land?”

The answer is that there is something here which outweighs the risk of the snow: the cuisine.

That is what we will introduce to you in the “Yuki-Guni A-Class Gourmet” guide. “A-Class Gourmet” refers to a flavor that people want to preserve forever. B-class Gourmet mainly refers to cuisine that used flour rather than rice after the war. Despite this, here in the Snow Country, known for it’s Ounuma Koshihikari Rice, the rice-centric cuisine of ancient Japan is still alive and thriving.

Since you have traveled all the way here to Snow Country, we want you to experience flavors that can only truly be appreciated here, with this landscape providing the perfect backdrop.

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