21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

A guide overflowing with the Curator's passion

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A guide overflowing with the Curator's passion

There are so many ways to enjoy art. One way is by observing the different pieces alongside a specialist who is able to tell you the story of the piece and the artist to you in real-time.

Here is what we at ON THE TRIP propose to you. We would first like for you to observe each piece here on your own, and then when you’re finished, make a second trip around the exhibits while listening to this audio guide. There are sure to be many new things you discover the second time that you didn’t observe the first time. When you listen to the invisible story behind the pieces, there might be things that you didn’t see before. In order to lead you to these kinds of discoveries, we worked together with the curators of this exhibit to create this audio guide, in which each specialist describes the pieces they were particularly attracted to as if they were standing right there next to you.

This guide is completely unique in that it showcases the passion of the staff behind this exhibit. In the Japanese narration, you can actually hear the staff members themselves reflecting on the pieces. We have also used a technique called Binaural Recording, which creates a 3-D sound experience in which you feel as though the speaker is speaking to you from all different directions throughout the guide.

So, first, take a moment to explore the exhibit on your own. We want you to experience it as you would, without any prior background knowledge. Then, we want you to experience the exhibit once again with the curator’s leading you through each piece.

You’re sure to discover something new as you feel the overflowing passion of this guide.

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