A walk around town and a visit to the Manga Museum

What’s stories will you stumble upon?

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What’s stories will you stumble upon?

It’s safe to say that the only art museum dedicated to manga in Japan, or even the world, is in Yokote City in Akita Prefecture. This area has more than a hundred storehouses dating back to the Edo Period, and in this historical town, a museum showcasing the modern culture of manga has earned much attention. The goal of this Manga Museum is to collect original panel drawings from Japanese comics for all to see, and to inspire the next generation of manga authors. In short, this is a modern storehouse in an old town.

This guide will show you around the museum, and then give you a tour of the old storehouse town of Masuda district just outside. Throughout the tour you’ll find speech bubbles, just like those in manga, each one expressing the feelings, history, and stories behind that particular spot, which we will share with you. Look for them as you explore the museum and the town. Once you know those stories, you might look at this area a little differently.

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