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Why do the people of this town love festivals so much?

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Why do the people of this town love festivals so much?

Nanao - a city at the center of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture that holds many festivals, seemingly at random. You can count on a festival happening at any point throughout the year, for some occasion or another. The locals are positively wild about them. They even lure back those who’ve moved far away, if only for a while. Just what makes the citizens of Nanao so feverish about festivals?

You might not necessarily get to party on a festival’s given date, but we still urge you to visit this Assembly Hall to get a little taste of what they’re like. We invite you to feel the locals’ love for festivals, that you too might see one and fall in love with the city of Nanao itself.

At the Wakura Hot Springs Assembly Hall you can not only see “deka-yama”, the overwhelmingly large floats, but also get an up close look at full-scale props that reflect each festival’s unique traits. We hope you take this Audio Guide with you as you slowly explore this cornerstone of Nanao culture before you jump into the party. It will surely be handy if you wish to learn even more about Nanao City’s various festivals. We have also prepared a guide for after you’ve gone to a festival or two; once you listen, you’ll surely come to understand why the locals cherish their festivals this much.

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