Who was Ono no Komachi? The Mystery of Beauty

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Who was Ono no Komachi? The Mystery of Beauty

Some of the most beautiful women in history well known to the Japanese include Queen Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, and Ono no Komachi. Komachi became so well known that even just the word “Komachi” became a synonym for feminine beauty in Japan.

We know very little about Komachi’s life due to the lack of historical evidence. For example, when and where she was born, what kind of life she led, and how she died-- this is all up to interpretation. All we have are the Japanese Waka poems she left behind.

So, who was Ono no Komachi?

It’s said that she spent her last few years here, at Zuishin-in. Do you feel her presence? As xwe start our journey, let your imagination take over, and start to feel the spirit of Ono no Komachi.

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