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artist radio

This is not just a hotel.
So what is it?

The BnA Alter Museum is accommodation that is also art. In other words, as soon as you set foot in the doors, you enter a work of art. You’re not just staying the night here. You’re becoming a part of the artwork. Just experiencing the art of the Museum becomes art in and of itself.

This hotel is also special because the charge for the room goes directly to the artists. In other words, for one night, you are an artist’s patron. This is an experiment, BnA Hotel’s way of challenging the way we experience art.

Now, fellow art lovers.

As you come face to face with the art works, you may have some questions. What kind of person made this piece? What is their voice? What were they thinking as they made it?

So we made this radio program. Listen to it throughout your stay. The artists and the curators will tell you all about the exact room piece that you are staying in. Listen as you lie on your bed, or as you lounge in a chair, or even as you shower. Listen whenever you like.

Unless you buy it, it’s impossible to keep a work of art to yourself, so take your time to really appreciate it tonight. Listen to the radio program, and examine the piece from every angle to take it all in.

When an artist tells you about their art, you may come to see things that you couldn’t see before.

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