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Instilling The Wisdom of Plants

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Instilling The Wisdom of Plants

This Guide goes beyond simply appreciating plants and proposes a new way of looking at them by “instilling” their wisdom into yourself.

Plants are wise. They know just what they need to exist. We can say they’ve obtained this “wisdom” over the eons they’ve had to evolve - much longer indeed than humans. Here at the Tropical Dream Center, we’ve gathered tropical plants from all over the world. In other words, visitors are breathing in “wisdom” from every corner of the Earth.

Imagine yourself standing in a forest, in front of the ruins of a local tribe.
You take a step inside. Suddenly, a myriad of tropical and subtropical flowers explode into view.

The Tropical Dream Center is a place where the unexpected happens every day. Why not step away from the human world for a while, and see reality from a plant’s point of view?
Why not seek the meaning of your own existence here in this verdant world?

Learn the wisdom of plants, and find their strength inside of yourself.
The experience may show you the path to your desires.

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Now start your journey into the heart of yourself.

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