Okinawa Village

A treasure hidden within the original landscape of Japan.

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A treasure hidden within the original landscape of Japan.

Since ancient times, we have always been drawn to the idea of hunting for treasure.

Just what is “treasure?”
To one person, it may mean the rarities of the world. To another, it could be gold coins or money. It could also be a person’s family, friends, or the face of their child.

At this very moment, you hold in your hands a map to the treasures of Okinawa Village.
This map marks the whereabouts of treasures that have been scattered around this village. This village revives the traditions of Okinawa and holds hidden treasures that have been protected and preserved for centuries by the island locals.

Using the hints provided on this map, we invite you on a treasure-hunting adventure. By discovering these treasures and listening to the stories behind them, we hope you will come to know the Okinawan people as well.

It isn’t only the treasure hunt, but the meaning behind it that is important.
Maybe you will discover what “treasure” means to you.

Alright, your adventure is about to begin.

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