Shimoyoshida, Nishiura

The Shutters Close, The Story Begins

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The Shutters Close, The Story Begins

The shutters close on a shopping district. But behind those shutters are collected old stories, captured through shutters of a different sort. Old photos recall the many tales of Nishiura, a district located within Shimoyoshida in Fujiyoshida City that remains largely undiscovered.

Memories of people growing rich off their weaving trades, who then squandered their fortunes in the heat of the nightlife. Memories of a shopping arcade that welcomed and entertained them. They drank, they fell in love and sometimes indulged in lascivious pleasures best left to the world of night.
Listening to these stories, we realized well how this region continues to maintain such proper decorum, and we can’t help but be jealous; maybe we all should let our hair down, loosen our ties, and let ourselves go free more often.

This story starts at the end after the shutters have closed, starting with the Gekkoji Daimon Shopping District. Bring your camera and let’s go.

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