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If You’re Getting Off There

If you’re getting off at Hiroshima station…You might be heading to a stadium or a shopping center, but there’s more to what Hiroshima offers. In fact, there is a mysterious zone called Ekinishi that sits in the middle of a newly renovated area around Hiroshima Station. As if you opened a door to the underground world, the sounds of clinking glasses echo through the space. This is not limited to just Hiroshima Station. Whether you get off at Hatchobori, Yokogawa, Genbaku Dome-mae, or Hiroden Miyajimaguchi, we will guide you to an alternate secret path that will change your view of the town. Let’s listen to “Anata ga Kokode Oriru Nara”, translated as “If You’re Getting off Here”, by Kotoringo, and take our first step on a journey to see a unique side of Hiroshima.

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