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Remember the Gentle Flow of Time

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Remember the Gentle Flow of Time

Tokyo: the bustling capital of Japan with high-rise buildings, a web-like train system, and busy people rushing around from one destination to the next. Amidst all that hustle and bustle, there’s a place within the city where that intensity suddenly comes to a halt-- an oasis where time stands still and nearly vanishes altogether.

Welcome to the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. This guide will take you through the scenic spots of the garden grounds. Steeped in hundreds of years of history, they communicate the gentle, unchanging flow of time.

People who live in Japan are attuned to the abundance of nature and the four distinct seasons that flow through the year. While the deep connection to nature is strong, it’s often overcome by the busyness of everyday life and the impulse to rush around without wasting a second. Why not take a moment within that chaos to slow down and breathe? We invite you to immerse yourself into the gentle flow of time and look back on when nature was the way of life.

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