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What Will The “Orizuru” Make You Feel?

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What Will The “Orizuru” Make You Feel?

You must have made an “Orizuru,” or origami crane, at least once as a child. Who hasn’t?

One can say that origami is one of Japan’s cultural staples. The Japanese developed an exceedingly unique culture and exquisite art form.

Nevertheless, few can say they’ve folded a crane as small as these. Painstakingly hand-folded from 10mm sheets of paper, Naoki Onogawa’s paper cranes are so small they fit on your fingertip. And there are thousands of them here at the museum.

His delicate art has left its mark on many people to this day. The art of folding cranes in Japanese culture connects to the belief that if you fold 1000 cranes your wishes will come true. We invite you to let your mind run wild as you appreciate the uniquely Japanese art of “folding cranes” in this museum and spend a little time considering your own wishes and desires.

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