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Yokai don’t exist. Or maybe you just can’t see them?

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Yokai don’t exist. Or maybe you just can’t see them?

Do Yokai Exist or don’t they? This guide takes your through the Yokai Art Museum located on the small island of Shodoshima, while introducing everything from the origin of the Yokai,or Japanese monsters, to modern day Yokai giving you a completely different image of what Yokai are.

Yokai originated in the end of the Heian period,
And are derived from the ancient Japanese concept of Animism.
Yokai are a source of fear, of comfort, of culture, of entertainment.
Just what are Yokai?
We want to think about this with everyone here as we gather at the Yokai Art Museum in Shodoshima where over 800 modern Yokai reside.

After listening to this guide as you wander through the museum, like a student from the countryside returning to their hometown from Narita airport, you will feel as the world around you has completely changed.
Those kinds of discoveries lie waiting for you here.

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