Where is the Real Shibuya

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Where is the Real Shibuya

When you think Shibuya you think of the people, atmosphere, and lights. Most visitors would never imagine that only a short 20 to 30 minute walk from Shibuya crossing is a strikingly different neighborhood, known as “Oku-Shibuya”. Everything from the food, restaurants, and general atmosphere are almost polar opposite, and it seems that the commonality between the two only goes as far as the name. The “Oku” in Oku-Shibuya is often translated as “back” or “inner part”, but in Japan the nuance often means a refuge or an area not frequented.

Each of these places has an important role for the citizens of Tokyo. Near Shibuya crossing you can take part in the revelry till the sun rises. But when you are surrounded by the stresses of life sometimes you want to be near a place like Oku-Shibuya, an area you can just sit back and relax.

From the multinational Starbucks to Little Nap Coffee, from Ichiran to homemade food, these two sides of Shibuya offer completely different experiences. Based on your current path in life, your personality, and your mood, you make the decision as to which world you want to exist in. But while both of these spots are polar opposite they both encapsulate the beauty of this diverse city.

Before you are two completely different ways to enjoy Tokyo. In either case you can use the opportunity in Shibuya to recharge yourself before you go back into the scramble of Tokyo.

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