Shibuya Cultural Walking Tour

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Shibuya Cultural Walking Tour

Shibuya, which sits in a valley, has a mysterious charm that attracts inquisitive and adventurous travelers from around the world.

“If you took the different things that you liked and mixed them all together, what kind of interesting things would you create?”

This concept of “mixture” runs through the DNA of Shibuya.

The “SHIBUYA STREET RIDE” double-decker bus that departs from the Shibuya Fukuras Building is the perfect way to take in the area. Exploring the streets of Shibuya, the center of the ever-changing cultural and creative landscape of Tokyo, you will slowly come to understand the culture of “mixture” from various perspectives.

This guide is meant to be a follow-up to the STREET RIDE TOUR, allowing you to explore the city and find your own unique SHIBUYA to experience.

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