The Tachibana Residence: Ohana

Things to Preserve for the Next 100 Years

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Things to Preserve for the Next 100 Years

Ohana is the residence of one of Yanagawa’s most influential names, the Tachibana family. The Tachibana were the feudal lords who once ruled over the town in Fukuoka, and they passed down this mansion within the family for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Ohana and the Tachibana family have faced numerous crises throughout history and always landed on their feet. Now, they’re looking ahead to making the next one hundred years of history.

A lot can happen in one hundred years -- a single life can start and end within that time. For the Tachibana family, each piece of their long-lived history is connected by 100-year periods. Let’s listen to the stories of the five members of the Tachibana clan who put Yanagawa and the Ohana residence on the map. What about you? What do you want your legacy to be 100 years from now?

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