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Kankakei Ropeway

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Kankakei Ropeway

Kankakei was originally called Mt. Kamikake, or “The mountain where the gods answer our prayers.” Emperor Ojin, one of Japan’s earliest emperors and a figure in Japanese mythology, scaled the tremendous mountain in ancient times to pray for the peace and prosperity of Japan, and it continues to be a sacred place of prayer to this day.

Today, we’ll embark on a journey that brings us closer to the stars. The ropeway departs from Kouuntei Station at 295 meters, which is an extinct volcanic crater. Once you ascend, your existence as you know it will reset – nothing more than a dot in space and time surrendering to darkness. The story that is about to begin will shed light on your own personal connection to Kankakei and to the distant vastness of space itself.

*Please use earphones instead of speakers to listen to this audio guide.

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