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Committed to Waiting

“Matsu Hisashikushite Honkai wo Togu”

These words have been passed down in the city of Matsumoto. “Just wait, and the thing you most desire can be obtained.” This is said to be the origin of the name “Matsumoto” borrowing the word “matsu” (待つ) “to wait” and “hon”--which can also be read as “moto”--from “honkai” (本懐), which means “one’s long-held desire.”

“Waiting” might be the key to understanding Matsumoto’s castle. Despite the fact that this castle has stood here for over 400 years, not much is known about it. As research continues, more and more discoveries are made and hypotheses are being confirmed.

Rather than making a rash judgment about the castle, ponder it, sit on your thoughts. Taking this time to contemplate will allow you to reach a deeper understanding of Matsumoto.

This guide is composed of two different components. One part focuses on Matsumoto Castle, and the other focuses on the surrounding castle town. You can listen to the Matsumoto Castle Guide while waiting in line or while walking throughout the castle, but we recommend listening to the Matsumoto Castle Town Guide while standing in front of the actual spots.

Throughout the guide, there are various questions to prompt you to think about Matsumoto Castle. In this era where anything can be found just by searching on the Internet, we want you to take some time to ponder on your own.

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