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The Reason Nishizu Chopsticks Are the Best in Japan

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The Reason Nishizu Chopsticks Are the Best in Japan

Nishizu is an old fishing town full of fascinating history. At one time, it was a port of call for Kitamae-bune merchant ships and flourished as the port town closest to Kyoto. Nishizu’s unique history gave birth to the creation of Wakasa lacquerware and it is currently Japan’s top producer of chopsticks.

Wakasa lacquerware designs invoke images of the deep ocean, so let’s visit Obama Castle at the end of this trip and see a place called “Unpin.”

The story behind “Unpin” will be revealed through anecdotes about Goshoen and Furukawaya, which we’ll get into in a moment. As you follow each story as if it’s a segment along the road leading to Nishizu Beach, we’ll arrive at a scenic view of “Unpin,” meant just for you.

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