Shodoshima Millennium Olive Terrace

The Story of the Millennium Olive Tree

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The Story of the Millennium Olive Tree

Our story begins here at the Shodoshima Gate Lounge. The Millennium Olive Tree and two brothers, who live here on these grounds with their family and friends, stand here to greet you. Let us guide you through the story of the symbolic Millenium Olive Tree, the wisdom and teachings we have learned over the years about olives, and finally the scents, the elegance, and the beauty of olives.

Here at The Millenium Olive Terrace, you can meditate on the terrace, stay in the cabins on the grounds, and relax in the Olive Salon. This is a place where we continue to challenge ourselves; from growing olives on the farms to conducting research.

The first stop on this journey is the Olive Grove, a place that will continue for the next thousand years.

We hope that along this journey, our circle of people who met under the Millennium Olive Tree will connect and become a family that will expand this grove together.

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