Set in the Tateyama Mountains An Herb Village Protected by the Peaks

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Set in the Tateyama Mountains An Herb Village Protected by the Peaks

Welcome to Healthian-wood. This is a brand new village constructed amidst a field of sprawling herb gardens. Allow us at ON THE TRIP to guide you through this village, whose backdrop of the Tateyama Mountains looks like a painting on a folding screen.

“We’re protected by the Tateyama Mountains.” This is a phrase often uttered by the people who live in Toyama. While it is true that the Tateyama Mountains protect the land from typhoons and damage from earthquakes, the phrase also has a spiritual foundation. The bountiful blessings of the sea and the mountains also provide enduring health, both physical and spiritual. The Tateyama are the backdrop of life here.

Herbs are one of their blessings. Why do herbs grow here? Toyama is famous for its pharmaceuticals, so is that related? Surely some have wondered. Allow us to answer these questions as you tour Healthian-wood. When you’re finished, we’ll also accompany you on a journey through the crafts and beliefs whose roots lie in the Tateyama mountains.

Someone who visited Healthian-wood called this place “Heaven.” Another visitor said, “It’s brimming with good energy.” I wonder what you will feel through the scents, cuisine, and experiences you’ll have here? We would love you to take time here to listen to your senses.

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