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West Tokyo Coffee

The existence of city coffee shops is always something more than just a place that doles out caffeine. For tourists they often can serve as information centers, and for locals they serve as a place to form connections and to encounter people from different walks of life.

The reason for their city knowledge is simple: the latest trends, interesting restaurants, and everyday gossip of the city always passes through the ears of the staff that are working the espresso machines. In other words, the pulse of the city can always be felt near the coffee shop. Rather than a tourist information center you should always first try asking your local coffee shop for recommendations on the best shrine, nearby food, or museum.

Coffee also represents an opportunity for locals to rub shoulders with tourists and these residents of the area are also a fountain of knowledge for the staff and tourists alike. Before social media there were always restaurants, coffee shops, and tea houses which served much the same purpose: to bring people together to share stories and recommendations for the city.

In Tokyo the coffee shop is becoming a place to gather for the community of local entrepreneurs and artists.
Breaking through Japan’s old “Kisaten” tradition where the waiter takes your order and brings you coffee, the new style coffee stands and roasters featured in our guide are breaking through the old coffee culture and turning Tokyo into a city with a vibrant coffee scene.

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