Can you see the Traces of your Dreams?

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Can you see the Traces of your Dreams?

Tōdai-ji in the east and Saidai-ji in the west.
Emperor Shōmu built Tōdai-ji whereas his daughter, Empress Kōken, built Saidai-ji.

Yes, an empress built this temple.
However, beside this empress was a monk named Dōkyō​.
While a monk, this man was also at the center of politics and climbed his way to the top in government circles.
In the end, this man seduced the empress all the while setting his sights on the imperial throne.
Maybe a "love story" exists between the two.

However, when the empress passed away before Saidai-ji’s completion, Dōkyō lost his backing, and he fell from power.
From that day forward he garnered the reputation of an “evil monk.”

But, why limit this legend to reality?
What kind of person was Dōkyō really?

A web of lies, which we will set out to unravel.

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