The street in front of Kamata Tokyu Station is called “Bourbon Street,” but there aren’t actually many shops that actually serve Bourbon. But if you go out of your way to come here, you want to try some bourbon right? If that’s how you feel, you gotta check out BAR 24C Smoke&Bourbon. This shop is linked to the Maker’s Mark brand, so their lineup is only filled with the best bourbon in Japan. To top it all off, you can try all of them in their all-you-can-drink plan!

Let’s take a second here to explain how this works, shall we?
For those who only want to have one drink, they have the “shot system.” On top of the price for the drinks, they have a table charge of 600 Yen per hour.

If you are going to drink more than 2 drinks, we recommend getting the all-you-can-drink menu. They have two courses, one for 1650 yen for one hour, or the 2500 yen course. This second course is the same except it includes more kinds of bourbon to try.

The “Smoke” part of the name comes from the fact that they have an in-house smoker. If you want to try a variety of smoked dishes, we recommend the smoked platter. It costs 1500 yen for 5 different kinds of smoked foods. If you want something a bit lighter you can order the platter with 3 kinds instead.

There is also something called a “Smoked UFO.” Essentially, they take UFO-brand instant cup yakisoba noodles, smoke them, and then cook them as usual. Thanks to the rich taste of the kansai-based sauce, the smoked flavor matches perfectly. There are some customers that come here just to eat this.

This restaurant is never closed and doesn’t even take off for New Years. But if you come here too early, you might accidentally think they are closed. Technically, they open at 19:00 but you can take your time getting here. Most of the customers come at 1:00 am, so sometimes they take their time opening the restaurant. As long as there are customers, they will stay open ‘til early in the morning. They have even stayed open until the following afternoon. If you’re feeling lonely in the middle of the night, this shop is there to welcome you. Isn’t that thought reassuring?

Hours of Operation: Around 19:00~ (No Holidays)
Phone Number: 03-6424-9124
Address: 7-64-8 Shinshuya Building, Nishi-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo-to Japan

1 Shot System: 600 yen per hour + The cost of your drink (650 Yen~)
All-you-can-drink: 1650 Yen or 2500 Yen per hour

Smoked “Asokonoke”: 500 Yen
Smoked Sausage Platter: 500 Yen
Smoked UFO 450 Yen

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