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Ōta-ku, the area you are currently staying in, is the only industrial area in Tokyo. In this area, there are 3,000 factories and though each is small in scope, their skill and techniques allow them to continue to lead in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

There is a common phrase amongst the local people: “If you take the blueprint for a machine, turn it into a paper airplane and throw it, the next day your product will be completed.” Each factory in the Ōta-ku area has a technical specialization. For example, if you wanted metal polishing done, you would go to one factory; if you wanted resin cutting done, you would go to another.

Ōta-ku acts as one large factory, and thanks to this, it’s able to be extremely efficient in its production. “If you ask Ōta-ku to do it, somehow they will manage to get it done.” This phrase illustrates just how high the expectation is.

The goods produced here are sent all over the world and are used in anything from space development programs to foreign research labs. Even if you search all over the world, there are some parts that are only made here in Ōta-ku. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Ōta-ku is supporting the world’s industrial sector.

In this hotel, many of the items you see around you, including the floor signs, were produced in the Ōta-ku factories. When we went looking for the background behind these pieces, we found that each craftsman had their own unique story.

From here on out we will lead you into a world of craftsmanship that is leading the Japanese manufacturing scene. We’ll start with our introduction of the craftsman’s right hand man: electronic tools.

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