What in the world happened to the room on the other side of this wall?

The huge photograph on the wall depicts another world, as if a mirror reflection of this room. It looks like the aftermath of a storm of color; the floor, walls, ceiling, and furniture are all covered in paint.

This painted room is the actualization of the destructive fantasies of the artist, Youta Matsuoka. It’s not a fantasy world, but a room that actually existed in the basement of this hotel. The buckets of paint used to make that room, as well as some of its furniture, have been arranged in this space as proof.

Today, you will spend time in this room that is both simply monotone and explosively colorful. First, let’s try to imagine what happened in the painted room. On the desk, you’ll find a QR code that will show you how it was made, and that will give you some ideas. Those hints could be the key to experiencing the world on the other side of the wall.

If you stand in front of the mirror in the room, your own figure will appear as though in that colorful world. By experiencing these two opposite worlds at the same time, you may find that the ordinary things, which you thought would continue for eternity, might unexpectedly change.

The common-sense things that make up our everyday life could change in an instant at any time. By using his creative abilities to design a different world within a world, the artist is expressing that possibility.

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